5 Reasons to Shop Small and Support Local on The Pop Up Shop!

Find your new style obsession, an accessory that you haven’t seen anywhere else, or simply add to your wish list, ready for pay day!



Need to send a gift to your bff in Canada? Some beautiful jewellery for mum in Morocco? Or, how about a personalised birthday gift to a sibling who now teaches in Japan? We have created a network of efficient worldwide delivery to make sure that every product purchased on ThePopUpShop.co can reach all corners of the globe!



ThePopUpShop.co is itself an e-commerce platform that has grown from a small business idea into a wonderful place to shop online! Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide a space for other small businesses to showcase their products and garner the attention of a wider audience of potential shoppers – after all, many of them work so hard to offer such distinctiveness, and they deserve the chance to be discovered by people both near and far!



Not only does our corrugated cardboard packaging offer maximum protection – thanks to its strong thickness and size – it also helps to keep moisture and bacteria away from the products within, too. Made up of 70-100% recycled material, corrugated cardboard is one of most eco-friendly green packaging materials available; easily recyclable, re-purpose, reuse, or dispose of. Of course, customisation is easy – and those receiving their delivery from ThePopUpSop.co will find that their purchases have been cushioned safely and through shipping and handling.



We are based in Bahrain – and you only need look on our list of brands to see how many of the coolest, most dedicated homegrown venture our little beloved island is responsible for. But, adding to the mix of local vendors we’ve got some true gems from around the Gulf and Levante regions, brands that began as a mere thought and have now turned into fully-fledged businesses – whether that be mother-daughter duos, friends making their dreams a reality, or individuals turning their hobbies into a side hustle – you’ll find SO much variety on ThePopUpShop.co.



Seamless, straightforward, and enjoyable – we’ve made browsing our online store a breeze. With each brand marked in categories e.g., clothing, jewellery, home accessories, beauty and cosmetics, and so on, choosing exactly where you want to be looking is super easy. Be inspired by our curator’s choice, and take your time navigating the one-of-a-kind pieces. We would love to hear about your experience with ThePopUpShop.co, so go ahead and follow us on Instagram: @thepopupshop.co_ - happy shopping!

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Socks With Soul: 7 Sikasok Designs to Shop Now!

You can trace the origins of socks all the way back to when cavemen existed; they wrapped animal skins around their feet and tied them at the ankle – for extra warmth. Fast-forward thousands of years and it goes without saying that the sock has evolved from a shy and introverted companion into a self-assured wardrobe staple, and one that’s ready to make a declaration all on its own. Enter Sikasok, the brainchild of founders Ralph Haiby and Maya Rafih, who in 2017 decided that it was time for the humble sock to finally take its rightful place in the spotlight.

Beirut-based dynamic duo Ralph Haiby and Maya Rafih created Sikasok with one goal in mind: designing and producing socks that feel good and look good, and giving these simple items of clothing the glory, they never had – but truly deserved. At the heart of the brand is one common inspiration: cultural context. Rather than designing your run-of-the-mill funky socks, their goal is to design socks that make a statement. And so, Sikasoks are adorned in wild patterns inspired by their own heritage and daily lives, mixed with vibrant, modern colours. These are socks that genuinely represent the founders, and their target market, all the while giving a huge dose of confidence to every person who wears them.

Thrilled to have Sikasok available for purchase on ThePopUpShop.co, we thought it only right to help start your love affair with these soulful socks. We’ve chosen seven designs that are amusing, emotive, and all-round fun; these are the Sikasok socks that you need to make space for in your wardrobe, pronto!


Tarbouch Socks

Close-fitting, flat-topped, and brimless, the tarbouch is a traditional Middle Eastern hat — and Sikasok preserves its traditions in the most fun way with true colourful funk. Get them in ankle, knee-high, and even for the kids!



Kharzi Zar’a Socks

Not just for jewellery, Sikasok is making sure that you have an extra measure of confidence and protection with these seriously cool Evil Eye designed as shorts or knee-highs.



Cards Socks

Card games are very popular in the Arab world. It’s not uncommon to find a group of friends of all ages hooked around a table playing their favourite card games: Tarneeb, Leekha, Trex, Poker—you name it.


Habibi Socks

Habibi is by far the most popular Arabic word – and what better word to showcase on bold, loving, vibrant socks than that which stirs the conversations – and hearts – of so many?! 



Yalla Socks

“Yalla” means “come on”, “let’s go”, or “hurry up”. It is perhaps the most commonly used expression across the MENA region. This design is part of the “Yalla” collection, launched on International women’s day and Mother’s day to celebrate active women, in their careers, families, and every single mission they carry. Yalla!




Khayamiya Socks

Another genius design by Rana Salam Studio, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Remembering the time when Chiclets were used as change in grocery stores, these nostalgic socks are sure to be the talk of the party.



5 Minutes Socks

How many times have you heard (or said) "I'll be ready in five minutes”?! Well, now you can wear just as you do! Actions speak louder than words, but why not let your socks do all the talking… and take as long as you need.




Shop Now: Take me to Sikasok, I need these in my wardrobe right now!


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7 Unique Gifts to Shop For The Home

Have you been browsing the site for a special gift but not sure what to settle on? We’ve rounded up seven beautiful products that would surely take pride of place in any home!




What’s better than a handmade box with one compartment? Well, a handmade box with THREE compartments, of course! With so many families having boxes and trays as table talking points in which they serve nuts and snacks to guests, this would make for a delightful and one-of-a-kind gift for any dinner invite!

Shop it here!




A quaint and homely gift, this pair of mango wood and Mother of Pearl utensils have so much character that they just might become your new talk of the table when you have guests over for dinner! As far as food tools go, these quaint wooden designs are both classy and charming all in one.

Shop it here!




If ever there was a cushion to spark a cultural conversation, this is it! Adorn your furniture with material that is hand-woven in Bani Jamrah by master-craftsman Saleh. He brings to life the elegant letters of Kufi calligraphy design by artist Reem Al Orrayed for a cushion that speaks to the very fabric of Bahraini heritage.

Shop it here!




The creations of a true macrame artisan, this dream catcher is made out of wood branches, 100% cotton rope, pieces of the villagers’ dresses and semi-precious stones including rose quartz, clear quartz and green aventurine. On a scale of hypnotic to lucid, how dreamy does that sound?

Shop it here!




If you love a good cuppa or even a cold glass of your favourite fizz, Bahraini resin artist, Batool Almousawi knows how important it is to make sure that your coaster game is as strong as your coffee! Order a single coaster (or a set) that matches your home decor perfectly. Available in arrange of colours and with customisable options, these make for the perfect gift for a loved one to remember you every time they take a sip!

Shop it here!




In support of genuinely gifted artisans and small businesses, anything you buy from Grey Mint will surely get some attention. This handmade concrete candle holder will add charisma to any living room, perfect to light up cosy winter evenings or provide soothing light during meditation. If you love candles, you need this!

Shop it here!




Bring quirk and enigma into your home and right onto your walls with the stunning work of contemporary Canadian visual artist, Steben Alexander. Instantly transform any room with this piece, capturing beauty with an air of mystery that portrays the model figuratively as a wondrous work of art.

Shop it here!

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Heaven Sent: Meet the Minds Behind the Lip Gloss Taking Over Your Social Feeds!

As one of the greatest modern-day poets, Lil Mama, once sang: “They say my lipgloss is cool, my lipgloss be poppin’” – and, debatably, her wise words have more significance now than ever before. Think improved formula, maximised shine, and tubes filled with irresistible pout-perfect product; this is Heaven Sent, a homegrown Bahrain-based brand that is a true story of tenacity. Here, we meet the team of four business-savvy students who are responsible for making movements and changing the face of cosmetics, one lip gloss at a time…


Hi team! Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about your role at Heaven Sent…

Ali: I’m Ali Alaali, currently a formulation scientist in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. At Heaven Sent, I overlook the formulations, process of formulating, packaging requirements and compliance of the ingredients with the morals and ethics of Heaven Sent.

Elaf: I’m Elaf, a 20-year-old marketing student at Bahrain Polytechnic. As the Marketing Manager at Heaven Sent Cosmetics, I oversee all marketing activities such as the social media, branding promotions, collaborations, and strategic marketing planning.

Majeed: My name is Abdulmajeed Alqassimi, I’m a graduate law student and my role is to co-manage daily operations, take critical decisions when it comes to products, collaborations, launches and so on, for Heaven Sent.

Farah: Hello! My name is Farah Turani, Elaf likes to say I’m the brains and beauty of the brand which I will accept any day! I’m currently a law student at the University of Nottingham, and also the founder of Heaven Sent. My role consists of communications with other businesses and projects, launches, products, and overall raising the baby – aka Heaven Sent.


Let’s take it back to the beginning… when, how and where was the idea for Heaven Sent sparked?

Ali: I’m sure Farah, with her creative, business-oriented mind, had a chat on bed with her dog on top of her one day, during the summer, and boom, Heaven Sent was created.

Farah: Majeed and I have been discussing starting a business for a while now, and truly like how Ali described, my fluffy princess was right next to me and I called up Majeed and shared my business idea with him. This was around April of this year; however, I had been researching a similar business idea for around four to five months earlier. The next day I approached my parents to discuss it with them, and the rest is history as they say!



“Heaven Sent” is such a unique name – what was the thought-process behind this?

Farah: It was definitely a challenge coming up with the name as we wanted something that would set a certain image in someone’s mind before even hearing of the brand or seeing the products. I would say naming the business took longer than naming all the glosses collectively. It had to be elegant, sophisticated, and carry its own weight, which we believe it does. I had a few names sketched up from my previous idea, so Majeed and I went back and forth till he came up with Heaven Sent.


What inspired the creation of lip gloss in particular as opposed to say eyeshadow - or are their future plans for more product lines?

Majeed: Lip glosses are easier to make at home and we thought it would be good to start with such a product as it’d allow us to build a good, strong foundation.

Farah: Lip glosses are very versatile and can be worn for any occasion. We didn’t want our first product to be limited to a certain “look” either. We definitely do have new products for the future, our aim is to release a whole new product in the first quarter of 2021, but there are certain factors we’d need to clear before being able to launch anything. I will say we are taking our time and testing everything as we did with the lip glosses, and making sure anything new we release is of high-quality, and ethical.


Describe Heaven Sent’s target customer…

Elaf: Above all things, Heaven Sent believes in the importance of inclusivity. For this reason, our ideal target customer includes anyone between the ages of 15 to 60, who are looking to embrace their already existing beauty and charm with confidence.


As a homegrown business, share with us some of the challenges and some of the triumphs of running a small local business during the pandemic?

Majeed: As a homegrown business during the pandemic, it wasn’t necessarily a challenge however it did further implement the importance of sanitisation during the process of any cosmetics creations, and taught us more about the details and work that goes into creating such products.

Farah: Some of the challenges I’ve found were truly learning how to use social media to our benefit, including the ins and outs, you’d think being Gen Z we’d be professionals, but it was a challenge, as well as to build a relationship where people can only tap on a screen. The pandemic did bring along the stress of trying to find sponsors, however we’ve been managing very well so far. I would say we’ve built a great brand image so far, and our Heaven Sent family is slowly growing, which I’m very proud of!  



How have you overcome and tackled what 2020 has thrown at you? What are some of the useful things you've learned about running a business and are you taking any positives away from 2020? 

Elaf: Thankfully, my work didn’t get too affected by the pandemic, especially in a marketing world that is becoming increasingly digital already. I did have to adapt to conducting my primary research online. Needless to say, I’ve met many people through a screen.

Majeed: I’ve learnt we should be celebrating every small milestone, and appreciating it. As well as taking every task at hand seriously, and taking everything day by day. Focus on the big picture but don’t get lost it in too much, take it one day at a time, this helps a lot with dealing with the stress of not achieving certain things you wished you had, and don’t compare yourself to others. Look at the competitors, learn from them, and implement it to your business if it would be beneficial in your own, unique way.

Farah: I still can’t decide if 2020 has tackled me or vice versa, but I will say I would have never imagined this year to turn out the way it did, considering I’ve been able to co-launch a business, and meet so many incredible people during the process! I think I’d say there’s always a silver lining, just wait for it.


What does success mean to you as a homegrown, Bahrain-based business?

Majeed: Part of being successful would definitely mean being able to earn enough profit to invest back into the business, which we have thankfully been able to accomplish so far. However, as a homegrown Bahrain-based business, success also means having people who aren’t family and friends purchasing our products, or truly loving the product. We put all our love, thought, and care into our products, and seeing people tell us what they think and sending in their selfies makes our day.


What are your company goals over the next year?

Ali: Let me tell you a little secret. The founders are insanely ambitious. Stay tuned for the expansion of Heaven Sent and look out for the variety of products they’ll be offering to our angels!

Elaf: Our main goal is to expand, and make a bigger name for ourselves on a global scale, with an even more expansive product line. We also aim to build solid relationships with loyal customers, and foster a Heaven Sent family.



You have already been a part of some great campaigns to help the local community such as Pinktober – why is it important for Heaven Sent as a local brand to be involved in CSR activities?

Elaf: In our opinion, it’s every business’s moral responsibility to give back to its community. We’re a young group of four who are very ethics-oriented. We all deeply care about making Heaven Sent more than just your average cosmetics provider. Beyond the superficial aspect, the team is always enthusiastic to jump on any opportunity that gives back, like Pinktober. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a movement that is close to our hearts, and in turn taught us so much while we worked on the campaign. In the future, we aim to continue shining the light on issues we care about, such as eco-friendly initiatives, and grow our philanthropic efforts to reflect Heaven Sent’s success onto the community.


Finally, if you had just one piece of advice to share with someone who is struggling to take the leap and start their own business, what would you say?

Majeed: You have nothing to lose. You’ll always gain something from it. If it isn’t the image of success you have fostered, you will still gain valuable insight and knowledge.

Farah: Do it. I have always told myself I wanted to start my own business, but in my head, I pictured it at 27 with somewhat of a good income, but that was too far away. If you have something you love, and a good idea about how to establish it, jump. 


Five things that make Heaven Sent stand out from other

cosmetics’ brands…

  1. We want to go on this journey with other local businesses, and have every member of the team thrive together.
  2. We care about our brand image. Whether it’s from our captions, to posts, or our daily lives. We’ve come to learn that we carry the name of Heaven Sent wherever we may be, and we’re proud of that!
  3. We’re a conscious brand. We’ve promised our consumers to only use vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and products from the get-go, which is a big commitment from a small business run by students, but we mean it.
  4. We care, truly. When we say this, we mean we care about you, and about what you think of our products and brand. We care about being inclusive and diverse, because Heaven Sent represents who the team is, and vice versa. We will never support and put anything under the brand name that we do not believe in.
  5. We want to build a community within our brand. I still know one of the most adorable customers who is building her Heaven Sent collection with every new product launch, and she never fails to make us smile! We want to be able to build genuine connections, and go beyond the transaction. 

Shop Heaven Sent right here, right now!

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Hello Shoppers

Hello shoppers,


It gives us great pleasure (the most we’ve felt all year!) to welcome you all to ThePopUpShop.co. We are co-owners Maha and Jayne, blending Bahraini hospitality with British charm, to bring you the launch of our digital marketplace – a labour of love that was born out of a tough and unpredictable year.


Let’s take it back to a pre-pandemic era – and what feels like an eternity ago – you recognised us as the powerhouse otherwise known as Bahrain Pop Up Market; we thrived at bringing small, local businesses together in one place and letting shoppers browse at leisure to get up close with homegrown brands. As we all have come to learn, 2020 was not here to play (we’re going to refrain from using the infamous c-word).


We felt an equally strong desire to help our fellow local businesses to continue thriving amidst a global pandemic, and to kick 2020 all the way to the curb. This year had an entirely different plan for all of us, and we decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end only to find and surf the tallest waves. The plan? To create a digital platform that serves both our vendors and our visitors and, more importantly, to knock this challenging year out of the park. 


In the past, you would have visited one of our pop-up events in person, but today we’re all having to adapt to new ways of socialising, browsing, and, of course, shopping. And so, we ensued to pour our hearts and souls, but mostly endless cups of coffee, hours of screen time and phone calls long enough to be turned into books, and we emerged with our entrepreneurial spirits well and truly sparked.


This led us to being chosen as the winners of "SC Women in Tech 2020" supported by Standard Chartered Bank, Supreme Council for Women and Bahrain Fin Tech Bay – an outcome that further ignited our passion to keep moving forwards. The result? We have built a captivating portal that bridges the gap between anyone who appreciates and cherishes raw talent with some of the most enigmatic small businesses based right here in the Gulf.


ThePopUpShop.co has been cultivated from our deep-rooted desire to support local and to have an accessible online space that showcases the abundant artisans who call Bahrain and the wider region their home. If you’re here, it means that you already share our mantra of shop local, that you’re on the hunt for something distinctive, special, or unusual and that you’re ready to stop, stare, click, and buy.


We don’t want to keep you a second longer, but before we let you go, here’s a heartfelt THANK YOU (caps lock makes it more momentous :-]) for coming through and showing your love and support to ThePopUpShop.co and our inspiring vendors. You could say that this year has been a blessing in disguise for us, steering us towards a pivotal launch, and for now, as we strive to grow, support, and celebrate our local artisans… to 2020, we have four simple words of wisdom: sit down, be humble.



Shop Your Heart Out,

Maha Alsahhaf, Founder and Jayne Houghton, Co-owner


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